Welcome to the Pattern Language Network

Welcome to the Pattern Language Network

This site is an archive of the work from the Planet project. It also supports the design pattern work carried out across related design pattern projects using the particpatory pattern workshop methodology.

Planet (Pattern Language Network) was a multi-institutional project funded under the JISC Users and Innovation Programme.
This site hosts the system developed by the project to support a community of HE practitioners, who are using Web 2.0 in assessment, learning and teaching, to capture and share their examples of good practice as patterns. This system will include a collaborative software tool, clear processes for capturing and using patterns and a growing pattern language which provides reusable knowledge about how to use Web 2.0 technology in learning, drawn from examples of success.

The pattern language, software and methodologies will be developed iteratively through engagement with the HE community of practitioners who are using Web 2.0 technologies in learning. It is this extensive community engagement in all aspects of the pattern language development, together with the integrated support tools and processes, which particularly distinguishes this project from other pedagogical patterns projects.

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The system includes:

This site will also host its own specifications.


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