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CRAM Resources

There are several resources available here to help with using the Course Resource Appraisal Modeller.

User Guide

The User Guide describes and illustrates how to use each section of the Modeller and explains the reasoning behind it, with examples. Download the User Guide

Video Tutorials


Provides an overview of the major features of the CRAM tool, showing the output it provides after the data has been elicited from the user.

Basic Module Data

Focuses on the data that describes the course, such as duration, credit hours, student cohort numbers, fee income and staff costs.

Modelling Learning Experiences

Demonstrates how to plan and describe the teaching-learning activities, and the learning experiences that students can expect from the course.

Modelling Teaching Costs

Demonstrates how to estimate the teaching costs for a course, and the teaching related income for each student.

Sample modules

These are prepared datafiles that you can download, and then upload to the CRAM tool, as examples of existing course models. You could then modify one of these, or start afresh. The User Guide explains how to do this. Download Sample modules


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